Thursday, July 25, 2013

News preview for July 25th issue…

A modern day treasure hunt… Geocaching

Who doesn’t like to treasure hunt!  It’s the thrill of the hunt, the thrill of discovery. And now you can treasure hunt right in your own community or to the ends of the earth or even in space — with Geocaching, a real outdoor treasure hunting game using a handheld GPS device.
The game began back in May of 2000, when President Bill Clinton accepted the recommendation of the Department of the Defense to end the intentional degradation of GPS satellite signals. Dave Ulmer, a GPS enthusiast from Oregon, wanted to test the accuracy of the GPS signal. He hid a container in the woods and noted the coordinates with a GPS unit. Then he posted it online, telling the finders to locate the container with their GPS device and “take some stuff, leave some stuff.”

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City sidewalks under scrutiny

In an effort to keep Lennox a safe place for both the young and old, the City will soon begin contacting property owners who have residential sidewalks that are in need of repair.  Greg Stack, Lennox Public Works Director, said that the City will first deal with the most severe sidewalk problems in the City—those on which they have received complaints.
Homeowners will get a letter identifying the problem and given a timeline to get their sidewalks replaced or repaired. Stack is expecting that the most severe problems will be addressed this construction season.

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