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Thursday, December 27, 2012

News update for Dec. 27 issue…

Commissioners uphold termination of police chief

Worthing Commissioners met in special session on Dec. 18 for a hearing on the termination of Police Chief Roger Knutson.  About 60 citizens were present.  A petition signed by 105 residents was presented to  the Commissioners to offer their support of Knutson. 
After hearing the public appeal, the Commissioners went into executive session. Following the executive session, the first motion was to terminate Officer Roger Knutson’s employment, effective Wednesday, Dec. 19.  The vote was unanimous. 

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

News preview for Dec. 20th issue…

Lennox police department running at full staff

When Orv Jorgensen became a policeman in Lennox over a year ago, he expected to work under Police Chief Russ Nelson for many years. However, when Nelson resigned from the position and it was offered to Jorgensen, he stepped up to the plate. 
“I really wanted to stay here,” said Jorgensen. “I like it here.”

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Worthing Commissioners vote to terminate Roger Knutson

By Wendy Sweeter, Reporter

Coming out of executive session  on Dec. 10 at the Worthing City Commission meeting, the commissioners unanimously approved a recommendation for the termination of Roger Knutson as Worthing Police Chief, citing harassment and repeated inappropriate conduct. A second motion authorized Saugstad to inform Knutson in writing of his rights and the appeal process. 

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

News Preview for Dec. 13th...

School land sale still up in the air; attorneys for all parties talk this week

Lennox City Council members met for a regular meeting on Dec. 10. After approving the agenda, minutes, claims and financial reports, the council heard the Finance Officer’s report.
David Schonhardt assured the council that as of now, they were well within their budget for the year.
The next item of business was the sale of land near the railroad tracks. The council was presented two options by Mitch Mergen of Stockwell Engineers. After discussion the council selected the option that would leave the street right-of-way in place on the north side of the tracks. Stockwell Engineers will plat the property, so that it can be appraised.
The option selected would also mean vacating the street (Railroad Avenue) between the laundromat and Sturdevant’s on the south side of the tracks. Mayor Orville Wiebers explained that would allow Rob Huber, the laundromat owner, to put concrete on the south side of his building. It is not generally used for a street. 
There was some discussion about whether the other landowners would have a problem with closing that access. The Mayor thought they should visit with the other landowners before moving ahead. Glenn Nelson said he thought it should be the responsibility of the landowner to come forward if they have any reservations.
Next on the agenda was the police department. William Erickson, a former Centerville police officer, was hired as a new full-time police officer. Steven Erickson, currently with the Sheriff’s Dept., was hired in a part-time position.
The council was then brought up to date on the status of the school land sale. 
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Angel tree project:  accepting gifts or donations

Lori Wollman’s FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) class has once again taken on the “Angel Tree” project.  The students gather the names and ages of area children that could use a present this Christmas. They make a tag for each child and place them on the “Angel Tree” that they locate at Valley Exchange Bank in Lennox. 
Besides collecting gifts for the children, they also collect donations to buy a ham or give a gift card to families in need this Christmas season.
The students try to have all of the gifts and donations ready by Dec. 14 and with that date just around the corner, they still have several tags that have not been picked up yet.  
If you can help out this Christmas season, stop by Valley Exchange Bank and either purchase a gift or leave a donation. All donations and gifts are very much appreciated.
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

News preview for Dec. 6 issue…

Worthing Commissioners suspend Police Chief Roger Knutson 

Worthing Commissioners suspended the police chief for the second time in less than six months. Following executive session at the Worthing Commissioner special meeting last Tuesday night, the Commissioners authorized City Administrator Jeff Tanner to temporarily suspend Roger Knutson, Worthing Police Chief, seven working days for inappropriate conduct.

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Ribbon cutting held at A New Look Antiques & Salon

A ribbon cutting was held last Friday for A New Look Antiques & Salon that recently opened on Lennox Main Street. The new business houses a beauty salon on one side and an antiques store on the other. Joe Woessner specializes in repurposing old furniture, etc.

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