Thursday, December 20, 2012

News preview for Dec. 20th issue…

Lennox police department running at full staff

When Orv Jorgensen became a policeman in Lennox over a year ago, he expected to work under Police Chief Russ Nelson for many years. However, when Nelson resigned from the position and it was offered to Jorgensen, he stepped up to the plate. 
“I really wanted to stay here,” said Jorgensen. “I like it here.”

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Worthing Commissioners vote to terminate Roger Knutson

By Wendy Sweeter, Reporter

Coming out of executive session  on Dec. 10 at the Worthing City Commission meeting, the commissioners unanimously approved a recommendation for the termination of Roger Knutson as Worthing Police Chief, citing harassment and repeated inappropriate conduct. A second motion authorized Saugstad to inform Knutson in writing of his rights and the appeal process. 

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